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The Michigan Supreme Court has ruled that medical marijuana users in Michigan are no longer allowed to purchase their legal drugs from shops or other patients. This was a 4 to 1 ruling and affects the nearly 124,000 registered medical marijuana users in Michigan. This follows a recent decision by the Michigan Supreme Court that…Continue Reading

As of June 1, 2012 the Michigan Legislature pushed through a medical amnesty provision in the minor in possession of alcohol statute. This is very broad and applies to more than just the minor that calls for medical assistance. The major provisions of this new law are explained below: The following people have a full…Continue Reading

With very little fanfare, the Michigan legislature made some major changes to the state’s minor in possession laws.  If you or your child has been charged with a Michigan Minor in Possession – MIP, whether or not it is as a juvenile or adult, you need to take these charges very seriously. Here is a…Continue Reading

There is a growing unrest in Michigan having to do with how the Medical Marijuana law is interacting with existing laws and criminal cases. There have been stories in the media about defendants placed on probation who are being denied the right to smoke marijuana for their ailments. There is also a debate about the…Continue Reading

The staff at The Law Offices of Raymond A. Purdy are pleased to announce the launch of their new website to better serve their clients. The new site will have a blog on criminal defense matters and will serve to better educate those facing both misdemeanor and felony criminal charges.  For a free consultation, contact Attorney Ray…Continue Reading

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