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There are still attorneys that do not take MIP cases seriously and provide an aggressive defense. There is also a misconception among young people that getting an MIP case in college is no big deal and will not have any affect on their future.  This is simply dead wrong.

Either through our own experience or talking to colleagues we know the following to have happened:

  • An applicant for the Los Angeles Police Department is denied employment and told to wait a specified amount of years before re-application due to an MIP conviction in Michigan.
  • A student at University of Michigan went on their lenient diversion program. She paid all of her fines and cost but forgot to complete a one hour alcohol class offered by the school. The result? She had her probation revoked without any notice to her, a conviction for MIP was entered and she lost a $70,000 a year job offer due to a background check done by the company. Even though MIP cases may not show up in a L.E.I.N search (statewide database of convictions and charges) it will show up on the driving record and in the local court’s records. This company did a check of all known addresses.
  • It may keep you from being admitted into medical or law school due to the level of competition.
  • It may raise your insurance rates due to the fact that it sits on your permanent driving record.
  • It may keep you from getting a job with the government requiring security classifications

There are many more stories, but the moral of this is that the time to fight an MIP case, whether it is attacking the evidence obtained or the methods to obtain that evidence, is BEFORE a conviction enters. Any means necessary to keep an MIP in Michigan off your record is time and money well spent.

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