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Felony Defense

Michigan Felony Defense

If you are facing serious felony charges, you must contact an experience criminal defense attorney immediately to defend your rights. Even if you are only being investigated for charges or have been contacted by a police agency, retain an attorney right away. Attorney Ray Purdy is a former sheriff and prosecutor and has experience handling serious felony charges at every level. He handles many felony charges, including:

  • Possession of Cocaine
  • Delivery of Cocaine
  • Possession of Marijuana
  • Delivery of Marijuana
  • Delivery/Possession of Methamphetamine and Components
  • Uttering and Publishing and Check Charges
  • Weapons Charges
  • Carrying a Concealed Weapon
  • Felony Firearm
  • Felonious Assault
  • Felony Drunk Driving and Manslaughter
  • Embezzlement/White Collar Crimes

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