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Minor In Possession

Minor in Possession – MIP Defense

All across the State of Michigan law enforcement officials have been cracking down on Minor in Possession of Alcohol Charges (MIP) due to the fact that many of them have federal grants to pursue these crimes.

This means that the police have an absolute incentive to organize “party patrols” and seek out minors drinking on college campuses. If you have been targeted by one of these party patrols, contact an attorney immediately to make sure that your rights were preserved. Attorney Ray Purdy has been handling MIP charges for many years and can help.

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Minor In Possession Charges at Grand Valley State University

If you have been charged with a Minor in Possession of Alcohol (MIP) and you are a student at Grand Valley State University, you need to pay special attention to this charge. You will most likely have to appear at the 58th District Court for Ottawa County located in Hudsonville.

The Honorable Kenneth Post presides over this court and has very specific requirements for even qualifying for a diversion program. Attorney Ray Purdy has handled many of these charges and can help you make your way through this court system.

This is a charge that can have consequences for your future that may include difficulty getting financial aid; obtaining employment after graduation; securing a spot in highly competitive graduate or professional schools; and obtaining state licensing certification such as teaching and law.

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Minor in Possession Charges in Grand Haven and Holland

If you have been charged with a Minor in Possession of Alcohol charge and your district court is located in Grand Haven or Holland, the Law Offices of Ray Purdy can certainly help. The judges in these courts do offer the first offender diversion program, but you need to make sure you take steps immediately to qualify.

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