Our office represents many students at Hope College, Grand Valley State University, Muskegon Community College, Grand Rapids Community College and other surrounding higher educational institutions and community colleges. If you find yourself charged with a college ordinance, you may be able to challenge its validity.

In People v. Rapp, the Michigan Court of Appeals ruled that a Michigan State University ordinance making it illegal to “disrupt the normal activity” of a protected person is over broad.  English…this means the entire ordinance is thrown out and invalid until either it is re-written or replaced with one that is not overly broad.

The kid in this case confronted an MSU parking enforcement employee (who has not confronted one of these in their lifetime).  He was charged with a crime and the court found that the ordinance was overly broad and infringed on his First Amendment Rights.  Something about free speech and the constitution of the United States that is often overlooked.  Not by this attorney.

Hire an attorney who is not afraid to go against the system when necessary. Attorney Ray Purdy will fight hard to protect your rights. Call him today