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Before Your DUI

The Evening Started Out to Be Fun!

Your story probably begins with a night of drinking, usually with friends, and it gets a little out of control and you make the decision that you can make it home safely without being pulled over. Other times, you may think that you are absolutely fine to drive and do not think anything of the trip home. You may also be an alcoholic and developed a tolerance to alcohol such that you maintain a high blood alcohol to function and drive intoxicated on a regular basis.

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But for most people, it is an unplanned night of drinking that goes from a casual drink to multiple drinks. If you follow this with an empty stomach, a smaller bodyweight (like many college females), it can spell disaster when you get out on the road. You may also experience a “rising blood alcohol level” where the hard alcohol like vodka has not hit your blood stream at the time you set out to drive.

However you find yourself behind the wheel of a vehicle it will typically result in some poor driving at some point along your journey. Many times there is weaving in your lane of travel, missing stop signs, rolling through traffic control devices, or failing to use a turn signal.

Another common reason for stopping a vehicle is that the intoxicated driver may forget to turn on their lights or may have a taillight or headlight that is out. Any violation of the Michigan Motor Vehicle Code, no matter how small, can be a legitimate reason for pulling you over on your night of drinking. Many times the police agencies will have on-board cameras installed in their cruisers and will capture the events leading up to the stop on video.

This can be very important evidence that will be discussed later in this lifecycle. As the lights are activating behind your vehicle, your pulse races, your heartrate will skyrocket, and the fear associated with the fact that you may have “had a few too many” takes over your body. You scramble for your identification, proof of insurance, and registration. Many times how long you take to find these things can trigger suspicion on the part of the investigating officer.

Once the officer reaches your vehicle and you roll down your window for the first time, the direction the investigation will take is typically sealed. Why? Because the alcohol itself does not have an odor, but the mixture combines to give a very distinct odor coming from your breath and inside the vehicle as it has been trapped this entire time unless you had all the windows down the entire time. Even then the odor will most likely be detectable as the officer approaches the vehicle.

Don’t believe us? All you have to do is remember back to your high school dances or if you have teenage children the first time you detected an odor of alcohol on someone’s breath. We have had many cases where clients have appeared intoxicated or with the odor of alcohol on their breath from a prior night of drinking. It is quite obvious to a non-drinker or someone who is sober at the time.

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