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Attorney Ray Purdy is a former sheriff and prosecutor and knows how the other side will handle your case. This allows him to analyze how the prosecution team intends to go forward with your case and develop the strongest defenses possible.

The defense of drunk driving cases in Michigan have become increasingly difficult and requires a skilled defense team. The Law Offices of Raymond A. Purdy have this experience and can guide you through these difficult times.

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Michigan’s New Super Drunk Driving Law

As of October 31, 2010, any Operating While Intoxicated 1st offense charge where the person’s blood alcohol level is .17 or higher will face increased penalties. This new law has been named “Super Drunk Driving”.

If you are charged with this crime, it is imperative that you retain an attorney immediately to fight your case. Attorney Ray Purdy is a former sheriff and prosecuting attorney and has the experience necessary to help you avoid possible sanctions like jail or an ignition interlock device being placed in your vehicle.

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MIP Conviction No Big Deal?…Try Losing a $70,000 a Year Job!

There are still attorneys that do not take MIP cases seriously and provide an aggressive defense. There is also a misconception among young people that getting an MIP case in college is no big deal and will not have any affect on their future.  This is simply dead...

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