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If you or a family member have been arrested for DUI in Michigan, the last thing you need is another DUI attorney website claiming how wonderful they are. You have serious questions and want to be an informed defendant and consumer of legal services.

We have written this online handbook with you specifically in mind and will try to offer you the most comprehensive insider information available on the web when it comes to the specific Michigan DUI laws.

In this online Michigan DUI handbook, you will find valuable insider information on:

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Michigan DUI Charges & Laws in Plain English

Before you can even begin to understand the impact a Michigan DUI may have on your future and the associated penalties, you should have a basic understanding of your current charges and what elements the prosecuting attorney will be asked to prove beyond a reasonable doubt.

Rather than repeating the Michigan DUI statute, which is written typically in horrible legalease, we have given you the elements of each Michigan DUI law in plain English.

In this Michigan DUI handbook you will find simple and easy to understand definitions of:

Every Michigan DUI Is Different!

The top two questions that we get from our clients going through a Michigan DUI  are as follows:

  1. This is my first offense and I am scared out of my mind…am I going to get more jail time?
  2. I drive for my employment and cannot afford to lose my license…what is going to happen?

It would be great if a website could answer those questions for you. However, every case is different and each person needs to be treated as an individual. This is why our firm discourages listing “recent wins” or testimonials from clients as they can often times be misleading.

You will have a different set of circumstances that almost every other Michigan DUI case and will certainly have a different driving record and past criminal history than anyone else facing these same charges. That is why we are going to provide you with all of the Michigan DUI penalties associated with every DUI case in Michigan including the associated license sanctions.

Please remember that these are highly dependent upon your past criminal record, your history with alcohol, and your overall driving record.

In our online Michigan DUI handbook, you can get all your DUI penalty questions answered about the following charges:

  • Operating While Intoxicated – OWI
    • First Offense Penalties and License Sanctions
    • Second Offense Penalties and License Sanctions
    • Third Offense Penalties and License Sanctions
  • Operating While Visibly Impaired – OWVI
    • First Offense Penalties and License Sanctions
    • Second Offense Penalties and License Sanctions
  • Minor Operating with a BAC or Zero Tolerance

Make an Informed Decision

Once you have educated yourself on the Michigan DUI laws that apply to your individual case, the penalties and license sanctions, and the Michigan DUI court handling your case, you can effectively and intelligently make the important decision on hiring a DUI trial attorney to protect your rights.

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During this free telephone consultation, you will find out the following:

  • A detailed overview of the court process in your jurisdiction
  • Exactly how much your DUI defense will cost
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