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If you have been charged with a Minor in Possession of Alcohol – MIP charge at Grand Valley State University and your case is being heard at the Hudsonville District Court, you need to take these charges very seriously. The court has had a zero tolerance policy for minors consuming alcohol underage and clients, as well as lawyers, have been put in jail or held for bail money during a regular MIP case. Even though the law is changing, the penalties for the second offense make it absolutely necessary for students to take these charges seriously!


Michigan’s governor has signed into law a new MIP statute that makes the first offense a civil infraction. This means that it is not a criminal offense. However, students need to know that a second offense now carries a possible 30 days in jail! This is different from before where a minor could only face jail time if he or she violated probation. You need to FIGHT your civil infraction ticket at any costs. We can bring the officer into court and cross-examine them to make sure they did not violate your rights in issuing the ticket.

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Do Not Ruin Your Future!

One MIP conviction where you did not want to tell your parents or were too scared to request the diversion program can cost you your future. You may not get admitted into the competitive graduate school you have been coveting or you may not get that great entry level position in your new company due to a criminal background check.  Don’t think they will find this because it may not show up on the ICHAT website?  Companies are savvy and conduct local criminal background checks at every location you have resided or attended school.  They WILL find it!

Attorney Ray Purdy Knows the Hudsonville District Court

MIP Attorney Raymond Purdy has 32 years as both a deputy Sheriff and over 20 years as a prosecutor.  He regularly handles cases before these judges and knows how to navigate you through the court process and its ways of doing things. This means that before you go to court, you will know exactly what to expect in court procedure and how to handle yourself in front of the judge. Do not leave this to chance as one wrong word to the judge could severely jeopardize your chances at qualifying and receiving a diversion program sentence.

In a typical school year, the police will be out on “party patrols” and ticket a large amount of individuals, setting them for a round up day. We have seen the courtrooom split into two sessions due to the volume of students charged with Minor in Possession from GVSU.

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In Hudsonville District Court, you can receive the diversion program, but the program is intense and you may have defenses to your case.

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