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Michigan’s governor has signed into law a major change to the MIP statute. It will now make the first offense a civil infraction with a $100 fine. Do NOT be fooled by this new law. We firmly believe that this will unfortunately open up the floodgates to even more MIP charges at Michigan State. The police now have all the incentive to quickly write as many tickets as they can for MIP. This will also set up a flood of 2nd offense MIP charges where you can face up to 30 days in jail!!!  This is a major change in the law since the current statute allows judges to order jail time ONLY after a violation of probation.


Our law office will be setting up ticket defense clinics and encourage every student to fight their ticket. Just like fighting a traffic ticket, we can bring the officer in to face cross-examination and make sure your Constitutional rights have been protected and that they can prove you consumed or possessed alcohol.

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City of East Lansing Ordinance Cases and State Prosecutor Cases

If you are facing Minor in Possession – MIP charges out of the East Lansing District Court -54b Division, you need to retain counsel immediately to protect your rights. Whether you are a student at Michigan State University or you were visiting friends, there are steps that can be taken to alleviate the effect the charges will have on your future

Hire an Attorney that Knows East Lansing

Attorney Ray Purdy was born and raised in Lansing Michigan. He served the public for 32 years in Ingham County, where the district courts that serve MSU sit. Ray was a Deputy Sheriff for ten and a half years in Lansing and then served as an Ingham County Assistant Prosecutor for nearly 22 years.  He knows that court systems in Lansing.

In addition, he was the court appointed defense counsel in the 54B district court in 1986 and practiced for several years as both prosecutor and defense attorney in that court. Put Ray Purdy’s experience on your side.

Attorney Ray Purdy is a Michigan State Spartan

Attorney Raymond Purdy is proud to call himself a Spartan.  He has degrees in Criminal Justice and a Masters in Education from Michigan State University. His knowledge of both the court system and the campus puts you at an advantage when you go up against the prosecuting attorneys.  Whether you are a Michigan State student or referred by a friend, he will put forward an aggressive defense and protect your future.

Save Time Away From Class!

If you are an MSU student, your number one focus should be attending class and your studies. Hiring The Law Offices of Raymond Purdy could save you time away from those very classes as he has successfully waived arraignments and court appearances for his clients in the past and resolved cases in writing. This ensures that your money is being spent wisely for your education.

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MIP Conviction No Big Deal?…Try Losing a $70,000 a Year Job!

There are still attorneys that do not take MIP cases seriously and provide an aggressive defense. There is also a misconception among young people that getting an MIP case in college is no big deal and will not have any affect on their future.  This is simply dead...

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